Maximizing Efficiency in Black Liquor Evaporation: A Path to Sustainable Pulp Production

Unlocking the secrets to sustainable pulp production, Oskari Lehtinen’s thesis on black liquor evaporation challenges offers a blueprint for energy savings and enhanced mill efficiency.

Sustainability and efficiency are the cornerstones of modern pulp production practices. Oskari Lehtinen’s master’s thesis, “Dealing with Challenges in Black Liquor Evaporation,” takes these concepts to heart by dissecting the intricacies of one of the most energy-intensive steps in the pulp mill process.

Lehtinen’s comprehensive research, conducted in conjunction with esteemed supervisors DI Dan Lundmark and Docent Frank Pettersson, explores the economic and operational hurdles faced during the black liquor evaporation stage—a critical component in the chemical recovery cycle of pulp mills. His findings are not merely academic; they are practical blueprints for enhancing energy efficiency and predictability in production.

The thesis, stemming from a detailed examination of five mills and their respective evaporation lines, reveals that the key to unlocking energy savings and operational excellence lies in the meticulous monitoring and optimization of evaporation processes. HeatHamster, a pioneering cloud-based solution, emerges from Lehtinen’s work as a crucial tool in this endeavor. By providing a panoramic view of evaporation line performance, this digital innovation enables mill operators to conduct targeted tests, analyze impacts, and implement improvements with precision.

Lehtinen’s study illuminates the profound impact that tackling scaling and fouling issues can have on a mill’s bottom line. By preventing the accumulation of problematic compounds such as sodium carbonate and organic materials on heat transfer surfaces, mills can experience a trifecta of benefits: reduced steam consumption, increased dry solids content, and the ability to operate at higher capacities.

The implications of Lehtinen’s research extend far beyond the participating mills—SCA Östrand, Södra Cell Mönsterås, Holmen Iggesund, Mondi Dynäs AB, and Domsjö Fabriker AB. His work paves the way for the pulp industry at large to embrace a more sustainable and economically sound future.

Curious about the transformative potential of advanced evaporation line management? Eager to delve into the specifics of Lehtinen’s findings and discover how your mill can benefit from his insights? We invite you to explore the full breadth of Oskari Lehtinen’s thesis. Uncover the strategies that can lead your mill towards greater energy efficiency, reduced operational costs, and a heightened commitment to environmental stewardship.

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