Guides & articles related to energy efficiency & heat exchanger technology

Improvement of Heat Recovery in the Paper Industry

Energy efficiency isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a vital component of operational cost management and environmental responsibility.

Numbers don’t lie. Sustainability means better business.

This paper tells a true story of how significant energy savings can be achieved in the day-to-day operations.

Paper Mill Energy Recovery Systems

Learn about the different types of energy recovery systems used in paper mills and the benefits they provide

How to Improve Paper Mill Efficiency

How to effectively measure and improve an entire paper mill’s efficiency.

The difference between a "cleaned" and a "clean" heat exchanger

The HeatHamster team breaks down real customer cases where real-time data analysis made the difference between “cleaned” and “clean”.

When & how to clean industrial heat exchangers

A complete guide to understanding why, how and when to clean your heat exchangers.

Predictive VS Prescriptive Maintenance

What are the differences? Which one is better? Which method should be used, and when?

Predictive Maintenance for Heat Exchangers

How to find the right balance to maximize the overall cost efficiency?

How to Choose the right CIP Chemicals

Picking the right Cleaning-in-Place chemicals requires careful consideration. Here’s an overview of what to consider.

How Predictive Cleaning Affects Heat Exchanger Energy Costs

Exactly how much of an impact does Predictive Cleaning have on the energy consumption of a heat exchanger?

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